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Royal Blue Collection

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Royal Blue Collection took shape thanks to an intensive collaboration with the famous Porceleyne Fles. Quite an honor.

Sabine Struycken is the driving force behind the Royal Blue Collection: a unique series of ceramic apples, decorated with Delft blue patterns. Her ideas, translated in design and hand painting by the Porceleyne Fles, evoke nostalgia in connoisseurs of traditional Delft blue, yet have a modern twist.

The beautiful hand-shaped apples vary in size from an endearing 6 centimeters to a robust 85 centimeters. There is room for this unique Dutch object in every living room, office or bedroom. Entirely according to the Dutch tradition. Unique to this collection. The special combination of the ceramic sculptures and the painting by Royal Delft provide a special connection between a modern design and the traditional Dutch Delft blue.
A unique wedding gift.
A maternity gift with symbolic value.
A special art object for your display case.
An art object that will surprise your friends and relations.

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