Artist, what do you do about marketing and how do you sell your art?

5 steps to set up your online profile and start marketing and selling your art at (inter)national level

Dutch Luxury Design offers a leading (inter)national art platform. For artists, this platform serves as a marketing and sales platform. We create space to promote yourself and sell your art objects (inter)nationally to art lovers and collectors and business clients.

To reach the right art lovers, we do the marketing for our platform, so that the individual artists who participate benefit from it. In addition to the opportunity for visitors to our platform to directly purchase works of art in the webshop, we are the only platform that encourages direct contact between art buyers and artists. We believe that artists should be able to sell their work from their own studio without commissions.

Follow our 5 steps and join us! Other succesful artists have already preceded you.


Step 1 Apply
Fill in the registration form below and we will personally respond to your application within 3 working days. And when we come to an initial alignment, we move on to the next steps.

Step 2 Selection
In personal consultation we make a selection of your art objects to present at the Dutch Luxury Design online art platform and determine your positioning and pricing.

Step 3 Your profile
We will draw up your profile based on your curriculum vitae and post it on your profile page on the Dutch Luxury Design online art platform.

Step 4 Marketing
We receive good photos of your selected artworks that we place in our online art platform and start marketing in our professional networks and on social media

Step 5 Selling
For online sales from the webshop, shipping and insurance costs are covered by us. 

Creating opportunities

Our platform enables artists to promote their art objects, participation in exhibitions and fairs and any workshops or other services in a growing international market with more and more online applications.

Our platform also serves as a useful source of contemporary art offerings and information that connects art lovers directly with artists of their choice.

As an artist you want to reach your target groups and create opportunities to sell your art. That starts with marketing. Our goals are therefore:

  • Helping artists provide space to position themselves online and exhibit their art objects
  • Execution of marketing and promotion to bring both our platform and the individual artists to the attention of art lovers and buyers
  • Enable artists to communicate directly with their target group and to build relationships with art lovers and art buyers and convert them into customers
  • Supporting artists with their marketing.

In addition, our activities are of course also aimed at optimizing the infrastructure, findability and visibility of our marketing platform. This means we now have a strong and unique position in the dynamics of the current online economy.

Our focus:

  1. Our website as an online marketing platform for artists
    We offer artists a strong online positioning, where you as an artist can offer a wide choice of your art for sale.
  2. Encouraging direct contact between art buyers and artists
    On our online art platform you can communicate your contact details so that art buyers can contact you directly to view and purchase a work from your own studio.
  3. Organizing activities, such as special online exhibitions, Open Studio Days and commissioned art
    You can participate in this without obligation and free of charge.
  4. Publishing a digital and printed art catalogue
    Here you can publish yourself and your work for a fee.
  5. Individual support in the field of (digital) marketing
    We offer special (coaching) programs for this that you can purchase for a fee.

Six reasons to participate in our art platform:
With our marketing tools we reach large numbers of art lovers and art buyers and we offer artists the opportunity to expand their market reach. In addition, we offer artists the opportunity to focus on their own target group by personalizing individual messages and the possibility to sell their art objects directly online through their own webshop section.

1. Stand out in the overcrowded international art market
To stand out as an artist, you will have to invest more and more time and money in marketing. You will have to compete with an increasing amount of international art supply. It helps to participate in our marketing platform because it allows you to outsource an important part of your marketing as part of your own marketing mix

2. Direct contact with art lovers and art buyers
Our art platform offers the possibility that art lovers and art buyers, in their customer journey, contact you directly to, for example, make an appointment to visit your studio and to make a purchase there.

3. Growth and scalability
We communicate with various (inter)national target groups from our marketing platform. In this way you increase your market reach and brand awareness, allowing you to expand and adapt your online offering to respond to developments in the art market and to increase your chances of sales.

4. Reaching and attracting technology users
Many art lovers and art buyers use online channels such as Google, Social Media platforms and mobile phone technology to research and buy art. Some users even prefer to interact online rather than physically going to a gallery. By participating in our art platform you reach this target group

5. Business development and communication support
In the current dynamics of the market, artists will have to deal with marketing in addition to the creative and technical aspects of their profession. We advise and provide support in this regard.

6. no commission on sales
To participate you pay a participation subscription, but we do not charge any commission on sales.

If you are interested, please complete the form below - without obligation - and we will contact you.

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