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Logo Braeve DesignBraeve Design is a new initiative by two brothers, Tom and Wim Van Erp. They both have remarkable backgrounds. They grew up with their father's furniture factory, where they helped in the production process at an early age, before going their own way. Tom has been a host at star restaurants for many years. He later retrained, after which he took on commercial jobs in the kitchen industry. Wim now has almost 30 years of experience in metalworking. Initially mostly industrial applications. He later worked for many years as a decorative blacksmith, after which he focused on modern processes such as computer-controlled bending and laser cutting techniques. In his spare time, Wim was always looking for creative challenges and there were always artistic projects in which he could work on with full dedication

The two brothers had the ambition to join forces for a long time. Their shared love for art and design quickly determined the direction and thus Braeve Design was born. Tom is organizationally strong, is pragmatic and has an affinity with marketing, a skill set that fits very well with Wim's characteristics and experience. This allows him to fully focus on design and production.

Their unusual background is also reflected in their work. Wim finds inspiration from his years of experience. Often based on the properties of a material, certain techniques, the possibilities of a machine or production process. He tries to link this to traditional craftsmanship, in order to create unique pieces between art and design. In addition, the brothers love a good story and have a soft spot for nostalgia and design from times gone by. They also try to integrate this into their work. Braeve is a derivative of the English word 'brave'. Their work is characterized by daring designs, with unconventional use of materials. In addition to the use of new materials, old objects often form the basis of a design. Think of old operating lights, antique aircraft parts, etc. Nowadays we are increasingly moving towards a circular society. With 'upcycling', Braeve Design has found a great way to contribute. The trinity of a good story, an old object and a new design guarantees a unique creation. The centerpiece in a room and a guaranteed topic of conversation.
A marriage between past and present.

Did you know that Braeve Design has a warehouse full of the most unique objects waiting to be incorporated into new unique designs? Large designs such as conference tables are also possible. They have the fuselage of an airplane, wings of antique airplanes, the tail of a fighter jet, various old operating lights, antique spotlights, theater lights, searchlights and so on. If the style of Braeve Design appeals to you, but you are looking for something different than what you have seen in our webshop, please contact Tom and Wim and discover what is possible.

Braeve Design´s contactdetails:

Atelier address:
Leinserondweg 16
5465RV Zijtaart.

Participation Open Atelierdyas:
April 20 and 21, 2024.


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