When artist Miriam Slaats visited a factory with injection-molding machines, she was immediately fascinated by the plastic material and the corresponding formal language that remained after the production process. Her conclusion was that this tangles of polyester, polypropylene and polystyrene came from earthly raw materials, namely oil. This raw material is twofold, it is not good for our nature, but we also need it and it has become indispensable ... Let us consciously ask ourselves how we deal with it ... This formed the basis for her BLOB ART and her credo: PLASTIC IS THE BEAUTY BUT ALSO THE BEAST. It is not only the BLOB ART that seduces and creates insight, but also the distinct philosophy behind it.

The physically larger museum art objects of BLOB ART fall under the heading 3D MONUMENTAL BLOB ART, while ASSEMBLAGE comprises the small BLOB objects. The latter objects are more specifically ensembles of poly-materials mixed with other raw materials, such as stone and metal, as well as lost objects. Here, the artist's concept is that plastic as a basic material is something creatable, while a found object has its own history. By connecting these opposites, she creates food for thought for the viewer.

If you are interested in one of the objects of Slaats’ BLOB ART collection, we are happy to arrange a personal meeting with the artist.

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