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Wiegen den Uyl

Wiegen den Uyl

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Wiegen receives his prize after his exhibition in Venice 2023


According to the philosophy of Wiegen den Uyl, the process of becoming and the progressive movement play an important role. On the basis of solidification processes and using figurative form elements, he goes in search of the phenomenon "Wording" and its "Essence". You can see his paintings as a kind of scan recording. They form cross-sections or snapshots of the processes that occupy him. He does not want to be too forceful with his figuration. The shapes can be seen as living beings, but he leaves open whether these are animal or human. 

Wiegen den Uyl builds up his paintings in layers and where necessary or possible he reacts to the underlayers. His works on paper are more direct and less layered. In other words: Painting from a different point of view; where chance and law coexist, Or rather: Grasping the elusive.
And not unimportant; all works are unique.

"As a communication with myself and ultimately with the other who can look over my shoulders. Every question or dilemma must be solved painterly. After all, I am the one who determines which shapes and colors may survive a composition. Imagine me to be The master of universe, but however double it may be, yet full of uncertainties, deliberating and weighing.
This intense interaction must result in a well-considered composition without losing its dynamics. in other words where my philosophy, experience of freedom and urge to act come together in layers. It goes without saying for me that the aesthetic result should not play a predominant role. Likewise with the titles given by me, which, however ridiculous for some, weigh just as much for me.
Hence everything is everything, that which cannot be weighed."

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Atelier address:
Zuideinde West 16
8278 AP Kamperveen.

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