Viktoria Goudbeek

Viktoria Goudbeek

Viktoria Goudbeek : “Painting is my passion. I love to make special and unique art pieces. My works are known by the expressive use of bold, vibrant colours. In my own way using oil paint and palette knife I create my art. I love to work spontaneously and let the colours “speak” to form the expressive paintings.

The spontaneous sculpting process on the canvas in such a way that the painting comes to life, is very challenging and gives a lot of satisfaction. As an artist using this technique you have to master everything at the same time: the composition, colour, lines, tones, etc.

My style with a lot of expression and spontaneity has a remarkable high level of detailing.
I also work with soft pastel. I like to create beautiful landscapes and still life using the unique features of the pastel technique and playing with unusual colours.
I make my own work but I am also available for a painting commission.”

Viktoria is a Dutch artist, located in Heesch (Noord Brabant). She regularly participates in international and Dutch art fairs, exhibitions and events. Her artworks are in private collections in various countries.

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Vleutloop 17
5384WZ Heesch

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