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Lydia de Loos

Lydia de Loos

Lydia de Loos (1963) – Artist. Born and raised in the city of Den Helder – the Netherlands. In 1987, Lydia began to form her interest in watercolor painting, and herewith discovering her talent. She mastered the technique of watercolor painting with an almost compulsive drive. From then on, and everywhere she went, Lydia always carries her paints and brushes along with her.

At first, Lydia took her lessons at Elly Kroon in Den Helder, where she met Gerrit de Vries (1924-2000).
From him she learned the intricacies of the technique. In the 1990s together they went out on daily road trips, especially to the Dutch northern province Friesland, to paint landscape panoramics, harbor sceneries and boats. "I was good at colours, but boats were new to me". Together they further developed their talent and skills at the art academy in Utrecht, where Lydia graduated after five years of intensive studie and practice.

From all her study trips to Belgium, France, Greece, Portugal and Spain, Lydia always returned home with dozens of sketches and watercolor paintings, as well as a suitcase full of inspiration and countless ideas. This characterizes her as an tremendously talented, driven and passionate artist.

Her watercolor painting works show, that Lydia has an outspoken passion and preference for the exuberance of bright and brilliantly clear colours. Her style is expressionistic, which reflects the artist's feelings and experiences. But with her oil paintings, she is also a master of the Fauvism style, where extremely subtle color transitions without being mixed are clearly visible.

Every day she paints in one of her studio’s or somewhere on location in the Dutch province ‘Noord Holland’ or some leisure venue. Lydia is always looking for new forms of expression and is on a continuing journey to discover what can be made with acrylic and oil paint. Even if this requires manual application of the acrylic paint by hand and fingers in stead of a paintbrush, and in addition the application and implementation of original Dutch Delfts Blue ceramics!

Her work can be divided into a number of periods: the love for watercolor paintings, the constructive period where everything had to be miticulously right, the passion for flowers, and the free period where she is in at this very moment. Her use of color is one of her strongest talents and uterly dynamic, the subjects are exciting or humorous and can certainly be called unique.
Lydia offers complete and unmistakable uniqueness with all her works, and herewith created a style of her own.

Since 1999 she has been exhibiting, selling and renting out her paintings directly from her own studio at NOVA ZEMBLA in Den Helder (Neth.). Lydia has been expanding her artgallery by establishing the ’Art salon’ at the ‘Amstelmeer in Anna Paulowna’ since 2015, and an @rt boutique at the ‘Spoorstraat’ in Den Helder (Neth.) since 2020. Upon request, Lydia also produces paintings for companies and private individuals, and utilizing all her talents, with great spirit and pleasure she likes to think along with you to create exclusive art gifts in limited edition. Further more,
Lydia also organizes cultural and non-cultural workshops in the province of ‘Noord Holland’ (Neth.) or even beyond our national borders, in countries such as Spain, Portugal or Greece.

Lydia is extremely proud that she was asked to make a ‘Bister’ painting for our Dutch King, Willem
Alexander van Oranje, for which she was commissioned by the Municipality of Den Helder (Neth.). The
work of art, called “De rede van Texel”, is so to speak a piece of art with a Royal touch. To this list also
fits a special painting of Lily flowers, for which Lydia was asked to make by the renowned company
Onings Holland Flower bulbs from Rotterdam, as a gift for one of the largest Lily bulb importers from

Last but not least, on a voluntary basis, Lydia makes a social contribution to the society by providing
painting lessons to the less fortunate, but also, for example, by offering internships to students of the art

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