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Geek Zwetsloot

Geek Zwetsloot

Geek Zwetsloot (1954) has always taken street photos, in addition to his commissioned work. He prefers to photograph everyday situations, because in them we see how we shape our environment and thus ourselves.

Especially in places where apparently nothing is happening, everything is going on.
He tries to exclude his own conception of what something should look like as much as possible. There is no plan.
Placing the photos in a collage creates a surprising overall picture.

Another aspect of his work is the conceived, staged work, the photos you make up, or beautiful landscapes with surprising light.
A search for original image. For him these are precious photos

The emphasis has never been on exhibiting the photos, which is why he is pleasantly surprised that Dutch Luxury Design has discovered this work and wants to work with it.

“In my art photography I make uncompromising choices, pure freedom without outside influences. From an early age I wanted to build up a strictly personal oeuvre and develop my own language. Not disturbed by existing views and conventions.”

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Atelier address:
Timorstraat 8
2103TW Heemstede

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Dutch Luxury Design trading under
A Thousand Elephants B.V.
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