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Albert Voges

Albert Voges

Albert Voges is an abstract artist, who made his breakthrough in the art world in 2020. In his paintings, he is always looking for pure emotion that is expressed in a beautiful combination of colour and composition. Albert describes his paintings as follows: “They represent nothing - they are their own thing. Emotion makes them tangible, while at the same time, my aim is to make them elusive to the eye. This ensures that they will always retain their power and they are an endless source of energy”.

His background is remarkable. He was never trained as an artist; it was in his blood. Like his grandfather before him, he just started experimenting and learning, and kept at it until he discovered his own signature style. During his quest as an artist, he was helped by his friend, the late Hillegom artist Henk Klinkhamer. The abstract artist Jackson Pollock and Gerhard Richter are great role models to Albert Voges.

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