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Ger Groeneveld

Ger Groeneveld

Through the years Ger Groeneveld has managed to combine all kind of different art painting techniques. From impressions to airbrush, from classic to abstract art. Typical for this artist is the way he melts different styles and techniques into extraordinary paintings. It is easy to understand how he fascinates people with his briljant paintings and combination of color.

Ger Groeneveld is also talented in portraying people and their life.
Some of his famous portraits are : Princes Diana, Nelson Mandela, Prince Bernard, The three Dutch Queens of the twentieth century. Ger was even invited for a personal conversation with the Prince at the Prince's residence, Palace Soestdijk.

Ger Groeneveld was born at 10th July 1948, is married and father of two lovely daughters. He studied at the Art Academy in Maastricht, and is professional artist for over more than 40 years now.
In his career he participated in many exhibitions all over the world, a few to mention in Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, The United States and ofcourse The Netherlands.

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