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Robert Nitiredjo

Robert Nitiredjo

Robert Nitiredjo (Breda, 1976)
A painter who creates serene, timeless oil paintings, which are primarily intended as moments of peace and self-reflection in these hectic times in which we live. He gratefully uses nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. His landscape paintings are more than an exact representation of nature, they have a clear romantic mood. The painter tries to add a poetic dimension to his work, to lift it above the level of cold, photorealistic registration. Evoking a certain mood or state of mind is a characteristic aim of the artist. Traditionally, light and shadow are the preferred creative instruments. In addition to visual spectacle and depth, Nitiredjo's play of light and dark often also makes an essential contribution to conveying the underlying message of the painting.

His fascination with birds naturally provides a clear coherence in Nitiredjo's collection of works. But besides bird splendour, he is mainly concerned with the narrative potential of birds on canvas. In its specific setting, each bird aims to subtly convey a certain message or thought. The key word here is 'subtle'. This artist doesn't shout, he whispers. Every bird sings according to its beak.

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