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Wim van de Wege

Wim van de Wege

Wim van de Wege was born in Terneuzen, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (1966). Raised with music (organ and piano) and visual arts. In his younger years he could often be found outside with a sketchbook, pencil and brush. Hundreds of drawings were made in his teens, and that never really stopped. To this day he sketches a lot with pen and watercolor, a favorite activity that can be applied everywhere. He always takes a small sketchbook with him when he travels. Sketching is a creative process that is indispensable for every artist. The senses are stimulated to reproduce in a short time the proportions and atmosphere of the reality experienced by the artist. Wim often finds the sketches of the master painters more interesting than the final works of art. The spontaneity provides a lot of information about the character and emotion of the maker. He prefers a spontaneous painting style that varies from impressionistic to abstract 'action painting' style.

After his conservatory diploma (organ and piano) he went to study at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam where he was immersed in modern art. There he learned a lot about the modern art society, in which the artist depicts this in a unique and sometimes innovative way, in which the traditional values and/or the critical attitude become visible as a creative and visual manifesto. Triggered on the one hand by 'modern art', and on the other hand by the fascinating nature, projects were created with dozens of paintings about Dutch landscapes and seascapes, in which he depicts the landscapes and seascapes in his own unique and layered way. He is not afraid to mix different mediums and his style is therefore clearly recognizable.
For the past 12 years he has exhibited in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, England and the US. His works are included in many private and public collections in different countries.

As a professional visual artist he has his studio in Bunschoten and on his website: you can read more information about his life and work.

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