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Wim Steins

Wim Steins

Wim Steins is a Dutch sculptor born in 1953 in Kerkrade, Holland. He  studied from 1971 till 1976 at the City Academy of Applied Arts in Maastricht. Wim lives and works in Holland. He worked from 1976 till 1980 in various studios in Germany and now works at the bronze foundry Sijen in Holland. The work of Wim Steins often refers to modern sculpture in which human values in form and movement fuel the debate, such as the works of Rodin. The contradictions static - dynamic and abstract - figurative still intrigue him. But the monumentality and dynamics are mainly the source of inspiration for his creative work. The humor in his works can be discovered by the attentive viewer. Wim Steins is loyal to his material and themes. Stein's personality is unmistakable in each of his sculptures. The work is honest. Development and dynamism are the central themes of Stein’s work. Each sculpture is a visual explosion of dynamism, vitality and silence. Creating is in Wim's blood. He believes that the essence of his profession it is to put his hands in the service of his head. Wim says that beautiful ideas are useless in this business because it is the end product that matters. Wim has never had the impression that he really worked. This craft is for him something like breathing. Often he tries to bring together figuration and abstraction in one sculpture. Wim brings tension to the sculpture by emphasizing certain body parts or to add to the composition something you do not expect.

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