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Simone Roodselaar

Simone Roodselaar

Simone Roodselaar is a Dutch painter, known for her large-scale compositions of colorful shapes and energetic marks. 

Creativity has always been the common thread in my life. From an early age I felt the need to create. Creating from scratch. Making my own ideas tangible and visible. It started with all kinds of creative expressions, like handwork and styling. Later, I learned the basics of painting at painting courses, which moved me to explore my feelings and let them flow on the canvas. While painting, I feel free to capture my emotions that I experience, in color, texture and composition. Emotions can arise anywhere: In nature, while listening to music, or an event that has an impact on me. When I start painting, I really feel myself in the moment. It feels like I am in an energy field, which leads me to create. A sensation that I experience by mixing the colors on the canvas. Time seems to stand still and a new work is created: My feeling expressed, through a higher energy, in a combination of color,
texture and composition. I like to see and ask myself, what drives people to do something? Something arises in the brain and is expressed in action. What kind of influence does images have on someone's actions? That’s why I like to paint abstract forms, so that a recognizable form is not decisive, but the feeling that a work evokes in someone. An association of shape and color can be different for everyone. And also the energy you feel while looking at a painting.

My mission is:
To live in the moment, enjoy what is there, experience what is happening, without attaching any judgment to it.
I like to inspire people to experience the energy that flows from my paintings
I therefore like to leave the experience of my works to the viewer, and ask themselves:
what do I see,
what does it do to me
just enjoy it...

Simone's contact details:

Atelier address:
Kerkstraat 6
5445AD Landhorst.

Participation Open Atelier Days:
September 23 and 24, 2023

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Company Information

Dutch Luxury Design trading under
A Thousand Elephants B.V.
0031 683 707830
Chamber of Commerce: 05068150
VAT: NL8102.56.708.B.02