Peter Adams

Peter Adams

Peter Adams (Bladel, 1959) is naturally creative.
Later in life he followed professional art training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk; first the drawing and painting course and then the classical and figurative modeling courses. He graduated with honors.
The sketch is always the basis for his spatial work. If that foundation is missing, you are done, in Adams's view.
But even the best sketch is only a starting point. The actual work must then begin: creating an image that has something to say to the viewer. To achieve this, the artist sticks to figuration, a style of work that, according to him, has been neglected too much in recent decades. This is explainable: too often figurative work got stuck in imitating reality. While the point is to breathe new life into that reality. Adams does this by focusing on the movement. Anyone who looks at his sculptures always sees flowing lines – from bottom to top, rotating, diagonally, directions that always take over each other. Images full of life.

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Atelier address:
5531 EN Bladel.

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