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Monique Harmsen

Monique Harmsen

I am Monique Harmsen and painting is my greatest passion!
After being creative all my life, I started taking drawing and painting lessons 12 years ago with a teacher, in her home, who was trained at the Rietveld Academy Amsterdam.
Painting immediately "got a hold" of me that I haven´t been able to shake off since. Under the expert guidance of my teacher, I was given wings and tools that have brought my work to this level.
After eight years of weekly lessons, I started my own studio in March 2020 as an independent painter and painting coach, I provide weekly guidance to a number of painting groups at my studio.
By constantly challenging myself through courses and masterclasses I continue to develop myself to work with new materials and art styles.
I recently followed an annual masterclass in intuitive portrait painting with artist Yvon van Bergen, a very instructive period for me, through which I learned to look for my own art style and to make myself recognizable and visible in it.
My source of inspiration is women and I love capturing a beautiful look, the details and background often contain gold leaf, which has become my 'signature'.
Women with a sensual expression, who almost literally shine, is the individuality that I try to put in my portraits, every woman has something mysterious and every woman hides a "Femme Fatale" ...

Monique's contact details:

Atelier address:
Kryptonstraat 38
7463PA Rijssen

Participation Open Atelier Days:
September 23, 2023


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