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Marja Schaefers

Marja Schaefers

Marja Schaefers, 1960 Amsterdam, ceramist.
For Marja, clay means above all: a medium to convert the fantasy in her head into tangible images.

Before deciding to work with clay, Marja developed a vision over the years of what she wanted to create and with what material. During this period she has tried different materials and techniques such as: Sculpture, mosaic, clay and painting.
When she discovered clay she knew it was the material with which she could shape her imagination and make her fantasy tangible.

Her work tells a story and is in motion. Her art touches and raises questions. The clay forms in her hands; her imagination is limitless and clay makes the limitless possible.
Even after the firing process when it has become ceramic, the clay retains its own character and thus fulfills the promise that Marja is looking for.

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