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Marianne van der Haar

Marianne van der Haar

Marianne: "My painting is more about a process. It's about letting the feeling speak through the act of painting itself, the process, without staring blindly at the result. I prefer expression to perfection, vitality to finish, fluctuation to tranquility, the unknown to the familiar, the veiled to the clear, the individual to society, and the inner to the outer. And I shape my expression through “gestures of paint”. Using paint for the expressiveness of a painting. That expressiveness arises for me by doing something with paint, wanting to do something over it again, wanting to retrieve something, wanting to keep something, creating chaos, then choosing again, and continuing and eventually always stopping. Then the paint has been thinly applied or has become thick from layers or a blob sticks out. My personal handling of paint, the color choices and the way it is applied determine my handwriting, my Feels Good handwriting.

As Martin Bril put it beautifully, “No idea is daring to follow a single word, a few notes, a sudden brushstroke. No idea what happens next. No idea is trust and fear. You don't know what's in you until it's out."

Commissioned work:
Marianne likes to work on commission. If you would like to have art commissioned, please contact her to discuss the details. See more information about this on her website ->

Marianne's contact details:

Atelier address:
Borghesepark 72
1448GM Purmerend.

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Dutch Luxury Design trading under
A Thousand Elephants B.V.
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