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Marcel Rus

Marcel Rus

Marcel Rus is an artist from North Brabant, The Netherlands. He creates his figurative abstract works by assembling textiles, often in large format on wooden panels in a steel frame.
“His work is authentic and offers variety and space to experience. He has a recognizable style that continues to fascinate.” Is what art experts say about his work. His message is that we live so fast that we no longer see the beauty of our everyday life and surroundings. Just like his works, life and nature around us harbour fantastic experiences, you don't see it until you take the time to look.
Marcel shows his work at the online gallery and on his website You can also read his blogs there.

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Dutch Luxury Design trading under
A Thousand Elephants B.V.
0031 683 707830
Chamber of Commerce: 05068150
VAT: NL8102.56.708.B.02