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Lydia de Rooij

Lydia de Rooij

"From an early age I felt that I wanted to create. My preference for this lies in everything nature has to offer. It is a wonderful and inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. I prefer to paint and draw animals and people. In a realistic way I like to work with oil and acrylic paint and I make drawings with, among other things, pastel or graphite.
Each work is a special and often emotional journey for me in which I go deeper and deeper. I look for the connection, the emotion and look for the story behind it.
I try to convey what I see and feel as realistic, beautiful and truthful. The eyes are extremely important to me here. I see them as the gateway to the soul. The happier one is, the more beautiful is the sparkle in the eyes I see. The soul of every person or animal is unique and makes them who or what they are. When we get to meet while I'm working on my creation, it can move me enormously.
I hope to be able to touch the viewer with my art, to give a sense of pleasure and happiness and above all a personal experience.
More than 30 years ago I came into contact with Cees van Beusekom (deceased in 2011). For many a well-known artist and art teacher in Gorinchem. With him the love and passion for drawing and painting really started and also the feeling that I had to do something with it. It took a few years before I could really surrender myself to it. Only after my children were independent enough did I take the plunge and investigate.
I did various studies to find out which way I wanted to go and I studied it in depth. Studied at the Fine Painting Academy at Art Partout in Ede. And took lessons from various art teachers such as Sylvia Terwisscha van Scheltinga autonomous artist. Dick van Heerde, art teacher for animal portraits in oil. Leo Pors Painter and teacher of still lifes in oil paint. Marco Krauwinkel art teacher for Portraiture in oil paint and Zalea Dold Art teacher for contemporary art in acrylic and oil paint.
From 2015 I started with exhibitions and my work has hung in various spaces including, Exhibition 5x3 in Gorinchem, (2015) Lingepolikliniek in Leerdam (2018). In De Strevenaer in Strevenaer (2022) Museum De Koperen Knop in Giessenburg (2023) Furthermore, I was a co-gallery owner at Galerie de Burgpoort in Gorinchem for a number of years 2021-2023.
As a starting artist I have the ambition and desire to expand my horizons in the art world. Joining Dutch Luxury Design is the perfect opportunity for me to discover the digital world that is still unknown to me. It offers me the opportunity to show my work to art lovers on a national and international level.
I wish everyone many pleasant and special encounters and hope to find the right connections through my art.

In the future?
It is my mission to be able to create my own story in the future and show it to the general public. My story will be told through a series of women's portraits, each with their own story and emotion. The women I paint will be part of my story, each in their own way. At the same time, they will also represent my emotions, my struggle and my victory."

Commissioned work:
Lydia likes to work on commission. If you would like to have art commissioned, please contact her to discuss the details.

Lydia's contact details:

Atelier address:
Toneelstraat 46
4207TL Gorinchem.

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