Luigi Abbiati

Luigi Abbiati

"I am Luigi Abbiati.
During my adolescence I attended the Varese Art School directed by Prof. P. Talamoni for four years.
Later I continued to draw and paint with alternating continuity due to work commitments.
Since 2013 I have resumed painting in oil with renewed interest and passion, accompanying my personal research to the more strictly artistic one.
I love nature which for me is a source of inspiration and energy impulse; I work in the hope of being able to leave some faint trace of my sensitivity.
For me, painting is primarily interpretation and representation, in absolute freedom, of everything that surrounds me or that is consolidated in my mind.
What materializes on the canvas is therefore part of my inner world: each work needs a sequel in the search for that elusive something that often makes artistic activity a suffering."
“We have to create beautiful things and then leave them to everyone” (Giovanni Vannucci)."

Commissioned work:
Luigi likes to work on commission. If you would like to have art commissioned, please contact him to discuss the details.

Luigi's contact details:

Atelier address:
Via Arno 8
21056 Induno Olona (Italy).

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