Jos Out

Jos Out
Besides working as a coach / trainer, Jos Out is an artist. Her job is permanent investigative, she learns from making a sculpture, fascinated by every creative process which is always is different. The artistry creation starts with scanning; what materials she will use and what story she has to tell. Sculpting is shaping by removing material, something that is cut away cannot be retrieved, in this sense sculpting is confrontational and every action has consequences. Jos expresses the concept of polarity, as an essential part of our existence in her work, the softness of the sculpture in relation to the hardness of the materials. There is no situation in life in which you can´t appoint two opposites. You know no day without night or black without white. Jos followed the four-year course VABK, Free Academy Statuary Art, and followed a training Artistic counsellor. She also attended various courses and work placements at home and abroad such as in South Africa (Neue Bethesda) and Italy (Pietrasanta). Every year, she works a few months in Italy.
Winner of the Prix d 'Honneur du Salon'Carrousel Salon du Louvre in 2011, Paris, December 2011.
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