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Irene Verdoorn

Irene Verdoorn

Irene Verdoorn, a Dutch artist born in Gouda 1959, breathes color and form since childhood."I was born with a pen in my hand," she says "and very inspired by my artistic grandfather who hang out with the Bergen painters around the fifties." So it was a logical choice to attend Artschool in Utrecht in 1979, were she graduated in etching and lithography.
Making abstract art for a long time, Irene was very passionate about worked through textures, which still shows in all of her art, that has rich weaving and consistency. Lately her layered textures are mostly derivated from the plantworld.
As an artist and a person, Irene has a deep sense for subtle atmospheres and real angels started to manifest in her life. After once having seen a giant angel with wings made of branches and flowers she was both in awe and inspired. Immediately drawn to investigate this theme deeply, she started to make angels exclusively for seven years while at the same time developping a completely new vocabulary as a digital artist. A very large and wellknown angel by her hand can be found in the hall of Thermen Soesterberg. Currently Irene is digitally painting dreamlike atmospheres were womanfigures melt deeply into the earth. The images of the artist inspire to dive deep in because of all the included details. A search for magic worlds and imagery always seems to evolve, as if unseen realms want to become tangible. It gives the artwork a distinct mystical feel

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