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Hub Pollen

Hub Pollen
Hub Pollen is a Dutch artist who was born in Reuver in 1946. Only around his 50th Hub started doing what he would have liked to do since his childhood, which is drawing and painting. After working for years as an autodidact, he was now concentrating entirely on painting still-lifes, Hub felt he could do better and that he had more to offer. He got in touch with painter / teacher Martin Boffé in Antwerp-Emblem and began to follow painting lessons with him. That was a good choice. These painting classes gave his talent wings. After more than a year he went to work with the knowledge he achieved from the classes and he's still working daily, not fast and passionate, but quiet and thorough. The evolution in his work, therefore, is seen in his improvement, not in the change of styles or materials. "I always work with oil, which I think is a wonderful medium. My style has obvious similarities with my character: I'm obsessed with authenticity and that stems from perfectionism that can be found again in my work.” The still-lifes by Hub are made with a lot of care. He finds a good composition very important. Simple, every day things often form the scenery, fruits and vegetables are preferred. In addition, he is working more according the principle "less is more". No disquiet around the still-life image he paints, which makes his still-lifes authentic, contemporary and give his work its own "signature". But it is always his aim for the painting to transcend reality. His perfection can be read from each painting, Hub´s still-lifes are stunningly realistic. For the viewer is immediately clear what there is to see: "Art should be just beautiful. I think that's the only unpretentious aspect to my work” says Hub Pollen.
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