Hanneke Muijs_Hoksbergen

Hanneke Muijs_Hoksbergen

Hanneke was born in Driel (1962)
After ten years living in countries such as Africa and Oman, she is back in the Netherlands. Many of the cultures have influenced her. Hanneke's paintings therefore also relate to social, but also personal issues. Her works draw the viewer into an inner world in which the loving relationship with people around is tangible. Her work shows a reflection of her humanity; a woman with life lessons, converted into a clearly tangible positive appearance. Hanneke makes strongly dynamic-abstract works. Recognizable is the play with the residual spaces, the use of graceful lines and all kinds of attributes that function as a brush, acrylic paint, different types of ink and paraffin as a material. Her new works, too, show a development that has to do with being a woman. A series with abstracted nudes, titled strong women. The series with intuitive portrait painting also has women as its subject.

Contactdetails Hanneke:
email: hgtd@hotmail.com

Participation Open Atelier Days:
Saterday 21, Sunday 22 and Monday 23, September 2024

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Hanneke explains her work below...

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