Frederiek Sennema

Frederiek Sennema

I am Frederiek Sennema. I enjoy making expressive oil paintings. Animals and organic forms play a major role in most of my paintings: fantasy and colorful interpretations of my love for animals and nature.
I am relatively new to the (professional) art world, but my passion for painting and drawing started early. I have honed my skills through self-study and research. My weekly visit to the studio of the art school in Amstelveen is a valuable addition. I've been doing this for years and I'm always inspired by a very versatile artist who encourages me to push my boundaries and develop my own style. I use different techniques to capture a dynamic composition. A composition characterized by vibrant colors and a somewhat dreamy approach to reality, with a touch of magic. In my paintings, nothing goes according to plan. Something emerges, which is ultimately a good representation of what gradually emerged in my head.
I believe art is a powerful medium to tell stories and stir emotions and I would love it if my paintings evoke a sense of joy and curiosity. Even incitement to wonder and in this way offer a distraction from the sometimes raw reality. There is actually no deeper thought than this behind it.
Although I have little experience with exhibitions, I am extremely excited to embark on this path so that I can share my perspective with others. My participation in the beautiful platform of Dutch Luxury Design is a first step.
Of course I would be incredibly proud if my art came to hang on your wall. But even if not, I hope that your visit to my profile will give you a trace of joy and will leave you with the "nagging" feeling of learning more about me and my paintings.

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1181LN Amstelveen

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