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Conny Lahnstein

Conny Lahnstein

Since 1978, paperArtist Conny Lahnstein (1960) has used hundreds of meters of paper to create her beautiful works of art. She is often inspired by archetypes she encounters in nature. Her figurative artworks are usually cut from one single piece of paper. And for the abstract works she paints Japanese and watercolor paper from which she intuitively cuts thousands of different shapes, kneads, glues and fuses them into a three-dimensional whole, creating a high degree of movement. In particular, the craft technique that she has elevated to artistry, her passion of paper and endless patience are clearly visible in her works and often evoke a sense of awe in the viewer.

Door Petra Fenijn, Beeldend kunstenaar, dichter, over Conny:
“Over de aard en intentie van je werk: Jij wilt vooral pure schoonheid creëren en harmonie. Geen misstanden aan de kaak stellen, geen traumaverwerking of een nieuwe Wereldorde in gang zetten, maar "gewoon" pure schoonheid geven aan de mensen, die zonder over platgelopen paadjes of kitsch haast etherisch is. Niks geen volkskunst hier - hoewel die ook uit eenzelfde behoefte is ontstaan - je wereld mooier maken, maar jouw werk ontstijgt dat.”


Conny's contact details:

Atelier address:
Anna van Burenlaan 59
1934GS Egmond aan den Hoef
(atelier is located in the attic)

Participation Open Atelier Days:
September, 24 2023

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