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Bas Bongers

Bas Bongers

Dynamic and powerful. That is how the work of the Dutch painter Bas Bongers, also known as BaBo, can best be described.

Living in Huissen, located in the Arnhem-Nijmegen city region, Bas experiments with the various art movements.

By continuously searching for new combinations and possibilities, Bas has developed a completely individual style. The surprising works that arise from this process can often be called very characteristic; dynamic, colorful and lively. All these qualities, perhaps not entirely coincidentally, also apply to Bas himself.

"The aim of my paintings is to amplify emotions through color and form. Many of my abstract works do not portray a (abstract) subject but instead it is up to the observer to see something in the work, or on another way to connect with a work. Great examples, and therefore also great sources of inspiration for me, are Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter and Basquiat. Actually an inexhaustible source, and yet I also borrow techniques and characteristics from other great painters such as Mondrian and Davenport. The nice thing is that by combining these styles, you often come to surprising results that are very good appear to go together”

Bas' work has been shown in The Brick Lane Gallery in London, the English magazine House and Garden and various online platforms such as Contemporary Art Curator and Abode2. Bas is also included in Curatorial Volume 1, Leaders in Contemporary Art, published by Australian publisher Capsules Books.

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