Annie Verhoeven

Annie Verhoeven

In the hands of artist Annie Verhoeven, the simple thread is interwoven into three-dimensional works of art, often of monumental dimensions.

Threads start with all Annie's artworks. By using the wire as a starting point to create art, you need a thorough knowledge of this material. There are so many different types and thicknesses of wire that all suffer their own life when you start working with it. And if you want to work with it three-dimensionally, it must be possible to harden the wire with their own rules.Then Annie uses not one thread, but hundreds of threads simultaneously to arrive at an image. In order to work in this way, calculations are necessary to be sure of sufficient wires for the devised work of art. Only when the shape of the artwork is known can you actually start creating and Annie lets the lines of the wires guide you while working. This creates a subtle whole between the wire and the free spaces between the wires.

Other important parts of her work are the shadow effect and transparency. In all her work shadow is part of the artwork, it is therefore alive because it moves to the rhythm of the sunlight. The shadows on walls, ceilings or floors play a role and often clarify the lines of the wires, making the works of art more powerful. Being able to look through it also adds another dimension to her work, creating a layering in the work of art and the environment automatically plays with where it stands or hangs. 

Current affairs are a great source of inspiration. Annie is at the center of life and she incorporates the current major issues in her artworks because there must be a future for the next generations. In this way she tries to create awareness and wonder. By being curious about new possibilities, other paths are created to walk and we can make the world a bit more beautiful together.

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Atelier address:
Randweg 71
5845CX Sint Anthonis.

Participation Open Atelier Days:
September 23, 24 and 25, 2023

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