Annemarie Hennis

Annemarie Hennis

For Annemarie, the love for art started in her teenage years. Born in Zandvoort in the Netherlands, she grew up in different countries. She lived in South Africa for 50 years. While married life took up most of her time, art took a back seat.

In 1978 she revived forgotten art by attending art school in South Africa. The joy was back. She took several art classes with Karen Thompson, Peter Millar and Peter Birch and other workshops. These artists worked in oil paint in a very traditional way.

She was asked to teach others how to work with oil paint, and also held several exhibitions, such as Art -in- the- Park in Johannesburg and Art-at- the- Dam in Modderfontein, as well as exhibitions at the prestigious Sandton Country Club.

In 2018, she moved back to the Netherlands with her pilot husband and started painting again, mixing different techniques and mediums with much looser methods and brighter colors.

It has been a few years and after taking a few new courses she also started with fluid art.

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