Anita Vogel

Anita Vogel

My name is Anita Vogel and I have my gallery AtelierMaAn in the H-wing of the Blokhuispoort, an old prison complex in the center of Leeuwarden: An inspiring working environment.

I graduated from the Friesland Art Academy in 2020 in glass, ceramics and graphic techniques. All three have unique materials and techniques and I like that. I have been working with glass since 2013. Glass fascinates, fascinates, is colorful or very subdued and never bores! (at least not me) I like to walk the intersection between art and craft and glass gives me every opportunity to do so.

I mainly work with two techniques, fusion glass and Tiffany technique. I try to work as circularly as possible, for example the glass I use for Tiffany work comes from glaziers who make stained glass panels. For them it is residual material that they cannot do anything with, and I like to turn it into something else. The limited quantity and size of the pieces really challenge my creative brain. From large glass portraits to angels, everything I make (also commissioned) is unique! I (often) simply don't have enough material to make two exact copies.

Anita´s contact details:
+31(0)6 4242475994

Atelier address:
Blokhuisplein 40
8911 LJ Leeuwarden

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