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Artist: Zalea Dold
Product Code: ZADP-MIA
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Dimensions: 2.00cm x 50.00cm x 70.00cm

Price: €1.495,00

Work from the series "I AM"

This series tells the stories of a handful of women, who indirectly represent women all over the world. I try to convey the story, personalities and character of these ladies, while also trying to inspire the viewer to search their true authentic self when they look into their eyes. What do you see in them? Can you guess their story? What is your first impression? Looks can be deceiving…And when you look closely, what you see in yourself? What is your story? What do you portray to the world?

And is it real?


This painting is part of a series of woman from South Africa. Her name is MIA - a shortened version of the name Maria. MIA means "mine." MIA is from Cape Town, and as a true Capetonion, she spends her weekends exploring the various wine farms, wine festivals and wine tastings of the Cape. She is well educated, especially in the area of the grape. She has mastered many impressive facial expressions to portray her knowledge of the different flavors her senses can pick up in one tine sip. And no, she does not spit- she is after all, still a student and that will be considered a waste of many hours of hard labour (and alcohol). In fact, when she dusts her tiny apartment on a Saturday morning, she makes sure her wine-collection is in the vicinity. She believes that the layers of dust definitely contributes to the character of the wine, (and her own character off course). MIA personifies all women who work hard and play hard. Women whose career means everything to them, and who wants to be on top of the food chain. Women who have leadership roles and who run companies, countries and church-meetings. When MIA completes her Masters in Economics, she plan to start her own company which she will sell in 5 years so she can buy 2 more and start another. MIA loves dancing, ABBA, her professors, and her goldfish Graham, named after her favorite bubbly - Graham Beck. She is not fond of lazy people, hypocrites and people who talk a lot. Elon Musk is just someone she has not met yet. MIA does not believe in tattoos and piercings to express identity - that is what results are for. The numbers will do the talking. Her dad is rich and her stepmom does not like her. MIA never tried to gain her approval. In MIA's eyes, she is just a replacement of the first housewife - her mom. MIA wants to regularly donate a good percentage of her future profits to child welfare.

"Oh MIA, your lack of motherly instinct has pushed you to care for the motherless. Your funds will help many orphans! You might not want children of your own, but you will be a mother to many".

Painting oil on canvas.
Sizes: 50 x 70 cm

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