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Artist: Meta Jaarsma
Product Code: MEJL-shirley
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Dimensions: 31.00cm x 34.00cm x 146.00cm

Price: €1.750,00

LIGHT ART by MetaKleur is the name of the unique art objects by Meta Jaarsma. The art objects change color by colored light shining through transparent color designs, or by colored light on sculptures.

LIGHT ART combined with transparent color designs

a unique color design (1 edition) of layers and shapes of different color and transparency, made of transparent material, and placed between glass
framed in a deep (9cm) frame of scaffolding wood
with two separately controllable LED light strips in the frame
that shine through the transparent color design.
The LED light strips emit colored light separately from each other. It is possible to make the LED lighting shine in all possible colors and also to have the colors change in color scenarios. By choosing different color scenarios, this results in a beautiful dynamic play of colors. In a beautiful layering, because the light shines through the different transparent and non-transparent colored surfaces of glass. Sometimes the back of the frame is also painted by hand, creating an extra layer.
The color of the frame can be adjusted in consultation.


Unique light sculpture with total size of 146 cm
Size sculpture: 33,5 cm
Sizes pedestal: 31 x 34 x 45,5 cm made of MDF

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