Do you want to present and sell your art internationally? 

Then work with us. We offer unique business opportunities for promotion of you and your work and for selling through our online gallery and at our events and exhibitions.


  • Support with artselection, -positioning and pricing
  • Online product presentation
  • Online artist presentation
  • Personal introductions
  • On- and offline sales
  • Email campaigns
  • Introduction in Dutch Luxury Design’s networks
  • Participation in our print catalogues (which we distribute in our networks)
  • Promotion and sales handling
  • Transport, export/import; order handling, payments and logistics
  • Possibilities for participation in our events and exhibitions.

Your benefits:

  • Exclusive international positioning, promotion and sales
  • Easy new art launches
  • No art reservations
  • Easy distribution
  • Easy payment and logistics handling
  • Higher sales margins.

5 steps to sell your artworks


Step 1 Apply
Fill in the application form below and we will assess your application and respond personally within 3 working days. And if we reach an agreement, we will proceed to the next steps

Step 2 Art selection
In personal consultation we make a selection of your artworks to present on Dutch Luxury Design and determine the positioning and pricing

Step 3 your profile
Based on your curriculum vitae, we draw up your profile and place it on your profile page on Dutch Luxury Design

Step 4 Marketing
We receive good photos of your selected artworks that we place in our online gallery and start marketing in our professional networks and on social media

Step 5 Selling
Sales, shipping, and insurance costs are covered by us, always.

Join Dutch Luxury Design and start selling your art

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