Are you an artist? And are you interested in international marketing and sales opportunities for your work?

Then work with us. We offer unique business opportunities for promotion of you and your work and for selling through our online gallery and at our physical events and exhibitions.

Basic services:

  • Product selection and -positioning
  • Online product presentation
  • Online artist presentation
  • Personal introductions
  • On- and offline sales
  • Email campaigns
  • Introduction in the Associates Des Arts network
  • Presentations in our international networks
  • Participation in one of our paper catalogues (which we distribute in our networks)
  • Promotion and sales handling
  • Transport, export/import; order handling, payments and logistics
  • Participation in our physical events and exhibitions.

Additional services:

  • Flyers and brochures in print
  • Advertising in e-mail campaigns
  • Participation in Luxury events and tradeshows of third parties
  • Advertising in Luxury Magazines
  • Website design & -development
  • Exclusive Business development & -management.

Participation will give you several advantages:

  • International expansion and export opportunities to the most exclusive market segments
  • A Dutch business partner, so no inconvenience with international tax
  • Exclusive international product positioning and promotion
  • Strengthening of new product launches
  • No product reservations
  • Easy distribution
  • Easy sales
  • Higher product margins.

For more information please contact:
Margreet van der Gaag
CEO Dutch Luxury Design
T: 0031202060830.

Or fill in the contactform and we will contact you.

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