Are you an interior design professional and interested in including unique art in your projects?

For you, as an interior design professional, we provide tools, offer exclusive financial benefits, special art services and the organization of art- & interiorevents and seasonal product previews.

We work with our clients to realize their vision and a creative and original art collection that matches their interior concept - taking into account both the financial and the artistic aspects.

Our experienced team is ready to support you with various useful services. Introduction and inventory of your needs is always free of charge!

Our Services:

  • Art consultancy & Art collection curation
  • Inventory, digital recording and management Art collections
  • Negotiation and international Art purchase on behalf of your clients
  • Custom Art assignments and Art concept development
  • Art logistics & project design
  • Insurance consultancy.

Art consultancy & Art collection curation
Interior design is constantly evolving. If your client wishes to renew or expand the Art collection, then we could support you with advise and realization of the entire process. Of course we can also assist with the creation of a completely new, appropriate Art collection.
We know that it is sometimes difficult to make a final decision about a certain work of Art without seeing it in the interior. That is why we offer the possibility to freely assess different artworks in the interior.

Inventory, digital recording and management of art collections
Has an Art collection been built with attention, but is there no overview of the whole? Is managing Art collections not your expertise? Dutch Luxury Design can support you with inventory and managing Art collections. An inventory of the Art collection gives a good picture of the size and condition of the collection. You will receive the required information in digital files for each work of Art.

Negotiation and international Art purchase on behalf of your clients
Do you have an idea about specific Art in your interior design concept? Getting the right Art for your project can be time-consuming, legally complicated and absolutely distracting. Dutch Luxury Design has a portfolio of artists and Art from different genres. We work for you and your client to obtain the right Art objects, from our own portfolio or from third parties.

Custom Art assignments and Art concept development
For custom orders. When you cannot find the perfect piece of Art that fits a specific space. Or when your client wants a portret from a special person. Or when a particular piece of Art works well, but has not quite the right size or color. Then we can support with custom Art assignments, whereby we guide the entire process up to and including the delivery of the artwork.

Art logistics & project design
Transport a work of Art? Reorganize the art collection? Dutch Luxury Design has extensive experience with art transports and with the placement and hanging of artworks. We are regularly deployed for technical services such as transport, installation and project management of an Art collection.

Insurance consultancy
We value your art collection and provide suitable insurance.



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