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Theo Gerritse

Theo Gerritse

Theo Gerritse, born in 1956, has been working as an autodidact visual artist for over 15 years.
His work alternates with metal, stone or bronze. Sometimes they are life-size sculptures made of metal or a combination of metal and stone. His work is figurative, but with a surrealistic edge. Theo: "I permanently look at the world with the gaze of an artist, I never forget all the interesting forms. What I see can be the starting point for a new work. Then everything happens during the creative process: it is always exciting which way a work goes on.
My work needs time to sink in. That way I find out what still needs to be done with that image. A sculpture is only finished when it is finished and the best indicator for this is that I myself cannot stop looking at the work.
In between, I don't work on anything else: I can't do that to my work!
I strive to touch people with my sculptures. "

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