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Piet Prins

Piet Prins

After Piet Prins finished the New Academy in 1982, he gained a lot of experience as a photographer and graphic designer. Piet has closely followed the developments in his profession. From the analog era, where the negatives were developed in the darkroom with chemicals, he switched to digital photography in 2000.

Building up the image and thereby creating tension in a photo, has been the basis of his digital art work. The artwork is based on and is almost always derived from reality. The complexity of the work continues to fascinate and challenge to discover something new every time. It grabs youre attention and shows you something different every time. It becomes an existing work of art of a non-existent subject. This vision is the source to create digital artworks.

In addition to working on digital art, he has worked as a photographer in various ways. His photo’s have been used for advertising purposes as illustrations in magazines and books.

He has worked as a designer and restorer for Uitgeverij Geromy, among others. On photo’s for books about the First - and Second World War. Some of the titles who he has contributed to the digital editing of the photos are: Verloren Luchtruimte (Peter Grimm), Silent Key (Cees Hoefnagel), Encyclopedia of World Aviation Cigarette and Trade Cards (Bob Dros), De Lucht Oorlog 1914-1918 ( Dirk Starink), Luchtschappen (Lam v/h Hof)


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