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Paul Smidt

Paul Smidt
In his youth, Paul regularly spent time in his father’s studio. Growing up surrounded by the smells of linen canvas, turpentine and oil, he searched for his own style of painting, encouraged by his father. After his father died in 2005, Paul continued developing this freedom of the creative spirit. Experiencing complete freedom has become a goal in life that he likes to carry out. That total freedom of being, occurs in magical moments, which are often unannounced and unimpeded by triviality and manifests as a miracle. Trying to capture this miracle is often the intuitive beginning of a painting.
The blending of heavy, thick textures, bold shapes, bright colours and dynamic lines are characteristic. The use of light almost makes this magical moment touchable. Therefor you can catch a glimpse of the playfulness of life every time. After successful exhibitions in The Netherlands, Germany and France, now the work of Paul Smidt inspires and fascinates art galleries and collectors all around the world.

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