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Paul Parren

Paul Parren

Paul Parren, is a visual artist and born in Heerlen.
Graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Art. He has worked as a graphic designer for Grundig and de Hema, Amsterdam, among others.
Teacher drawing V.O. and visualization teacher at the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht. Member of the Art Collective "Huis7" Zaanstreek / WaardArt Betuwe.
Visual artist, independent from 2007
Editor-in-chief art magazine "Palet" in 2011
Publication in "Art Guide Amsterdam" in 2013
Exhibitions at home and abroad
Commissioned work: portrait, landscape, town and village views.
His work has been purchased by a large number of enthusiasts.

Paul: "My drawing and painting work is derived from my experience with collages.
In this way I can create a new imagination with the help of existing images. Now I bring together scenes in drawn and painted collages. A kind of assemblies in mixed media, including monotype with oil paint and acrylic on paper, cardboard and panel. A mix of actions in own handwriting, which can best be described as "drawing painting". Usually figurative, sometimes in combination with abstract elements.
The formed, the multitude in our field of vision, including the media, is an important source of inspiration. The play of thoughts and materials.
The large works are made on 75x75cm, 80x80cm and 100x100cm, some with frame. The smaller ones include framed 50x40cm or made on wood 35x23cm and other sizes.
The small works are made on the pages of an old cash book that I found on a boulevard in Paris. The cash book belongs to a shop and contains the accounts from the 1940s-1950s. By working on it, a document is created with a synthesis between the past and the present. These works are attached to a wooden panel and provided with a layer of varnish."

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