Niki Stylianou

Niki Stylianou

Niki Stylianou is of Russian and Greek origin, she lives and works in Paris. Niki studied at School of Fine Arts of Paris (department sculpture managed by Claude Abeille).
She is passionate about the movement and the expression of the energy through the material.
''If it was necessary to give a meaning in what I'm doing, it would be a quest, that of the harmony of the movement.
This harmony arises from a precious and fragile marriage of opposing strengths: space and height, line and volume, lightness and gravitation, body and spirit.
This opposition is physically translated, in my fight against the material: fight between what I want to make it do and what it is capable of giving me. There intervenes inevitably the release-grip in front of the resistance of materials: the game of the creation can then take its place.''

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