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Marina Podgaevskaja

Marina Podgaevskaja

Biography Marina Podgaevskaja

Marina Podgaevskaja graduated from art institute of Serov, St. Petersburg in 1983. In 1998 she graduated the school-studio at the old technique of painting. She has created more than 1000 paintings.
Many of her works are in private collections in Russia, the United States, Western European countries. Original paintings the artist located in St. Petersburg Pulkovo Observatory, St. Petersburg University, the Slovak Embassy in Moscow.


2018-2019— Gallery “Felice”, Ootmarsum, the Netherlands.
2018-2019— Gallery “Kunstbrug”, Oldenzaal, the Netherlands.
2016-Exhibition ArtExpoSpb, Lenexpo, St. Petersburg.
2016-Art Canton-2016 - Art Exhibition in Guangzhou, China. 2014- 2015- Exhibition Lenexpo, St. Petersburg.
2013- solo exhibition "When I listen to jazz.. ." in Samara , Russia
2013-personal Art Exhibition "Kunstverein ZeitKunst Gallery" in Baden-Baden (Germany) 2013- Art Salon in Moscow 2010-participation in Biennial in Beijing (China) 2010- exhibitions at the gallery JMA, Vienna, Austria 2009- 2007 exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow 2006 participation in exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum, St. Petersburg
2001-participation in the exhibition hall of Smolny, St. Petersburg
1995-1997-participation in exhibition in the Summer Garden, Saint Petersburg 1991-participation in the exhibition "Artists of St. Petersburg, LenExpo, St. Petersburg.