Marcel Straver

Marcel Straver

“Nature is everywhere. In designated nature reserves, but also simply between the tiles of your terrace or next to the road.”

Inspired by random scenes in the small nature around him, Marcel Straver paints his own version of this on canvas. Trees in a field of rapeseed, a winding road with trees, a roadside full of poppy. When he walks or cycles past it, he makes a simple snapshot.

In his studio he elaborates it in his own style: short strokes with a flat brush. Mostly in acrylic, because that best suits his way of painting. With this "rough pointillation" he makes an impression of what he observed.

Sometimes Marcel stays close to reality and sometimes he abstracts the scene. He usually tries to reduce the image to its essence. Each stroke he gets closer to the result that he wants. A meditative process that actually always leads to a very colorful result: His colored world!

Marcel Straver has been creatively active from an early age. He is a graphic designer as well as a painter and works from a studio on the mezzanine of the living room of his house, in the middle of the second deepest polder in the middle of The Netherlands, close to Amsterdam.


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