Manuela Wenger

Manuela Wenger

Manuela Wenger is a contemporary visual artist working in the mediums of painting, drawing, sculpture and design. Her artwork blends abstraction, figures and landscapes that complement one another. Manuela often recontextualizes paintings from the old masters into her own stylistic perspective, resulting in a finished product that is both well-defined and aesthetically pleasing. Her works are displayed in private collections around the world as well as museums in Europe. She currently lives and works out of Toronto, Ontario Canada.  She studied at the School of Art in Romania and at the G.B.C. of Fine Arts in Toronto.

She joined several international art fairs such as: Gallery 104 Group Show, New York in October 2019, the Amsterdam International Art Fair, Amsterdam in August 2019, Elaine Fleck Gallery Group Show, Toronto in November 2018. She has also won several awards such as:

Infinity Gallery New York
"Day of the Dead"
Finalist October 2012
Curator: Mardee Hansen & Miriam Alexis Jordan

Infinity Gallery New York
"Lay of the Land"
Finalist September 2011
Jurors: Mardee Hansen & Julie Weissmann

Art Gallery of Ontario
"Playing with Pictures.....The Victorian Photo Collage Contest
Winner of the Month July 2010

National Art Contest Romania
Honourable Mention 1997

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