Laura Kamphuis

Laura Kamphuis

Laura Kamphuis is a young talented artist, based in Amsterdam. In 2014 she graduated in Media Styling & Design at the Academy Artemis. Laura paints with acrylic paint on canvas. Colour use in combination with her sense of aesthetics makes her paintings a true experience. Laura also works for several private and business clients and makes “custom-made” paintings. Laura´s energy arises from the urge for the unknown. I am always open to new ideas and challenges. Because of my 'Academy Artemis background', I can think and create conceptually well. I like to work with different materials, a lot of color or just little. Unfavourable illustrations or big canvases with impact. Mural paintings, portraits or colorful abstract magic. In short, just challenge her and she thrives! She is inspired by people in public areas, clouds colored by the sun, the very playful nature...Laura Kamphuis is good in finding the right tension between color and shape. She wants nothing more than the share her work, inspiration and passion with the world. She doesn´t make her work to leave it in the attic, she wants as much people as possible to see her work in real life. Because her work is more than paint on canvas, it's a real experience...

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