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Johan van Dreven

Johan van Dreven

Johan: "Almost everyone thinks the female body is beautiful. Nude is often used sensually, provocatively.
My work shows that nude can be art, stripped of all sexual interpretations. I try to reinforce that with self-made backgrounds. I try to convey a message in my work by discovering the viewer for himself.
After years of experimenting, I found my signature. The nude as a canvas, starts for a new creation.
I find inspiration in Naive art, Expressionism and Magic Realism."


In my youth I did not get to know art. In high school I developed a talent for working with color and shape. At the end of my adolescence, I destroyed my work. Desperate for not understanding my talent, I turned away from art.
Collaboration with models often takes several years. I prefer to work with dancers, gymnasts and acrobats, in recent years only naked.

I work very intuitively, I usually know the postures I want to capture. Only behind my PC / Photoshop does the creation take place. Usually a (slight) deformation of the posture first. Then looking for the color combinations. And finally creating a background.
This does not always work immediately, multiple edits are discarded.

I like to make backgrounds with different brushes. I also make extensive use of my archive. Coincidentally (???) I started photographing special backgrounds such as walls, murals, objects at an early age.
People are often asked how much time it takes to make a work. I don't know exactly. Do I have to include the photoshoot and the preliminary interview in terms of time? Sometimes I use an object several times as a background, each time edited in a different way.
There are many factual preliminary studies on Instagram. The experiments that led to the final result.

Exhibitions and art fairs:
Affordable Art Amsterdam, Brussels, Art Basel, London, Frankfurt and almost all Hilton hotels in Europe and Beijing, small museum Italy, participant atelier route Huizen.



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