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Jeroen Paulussen

Jeroen Paulussen
After a 20 year career in the financial markets and the stress that went with the job, Jeroen Paulussen, born in 1959 decided to call it quits and find something completely different to sink his teeth into. It turned out that as a young man, he had a great talent for drawing. This didn't come out of the blue; both his mother and oldest sister had completed the well-known “Rietveld Academie” in Amsterdam, Holland.
He had also attended courses at the “Rietveld Academie”, but circumstances led him back time and again to the stock exchange trading floors in Amsterdam and New York as a market-maker. His trading career came to an abrupt end because mergers of the main Exchanges and computerization of the trading process made the market-maker function largely obsolete. That reality gave Jeroen the jolt to truly embrace his passion for painting!
He quickly came into contact with the eminent professor at the ”Rietveld Academie”, Henk Huig, and thereby had the opportunity to join the painters group "Veronese" based in Amsterdam. Every Monday, for three years, under the ever-watchful eye of Henk Huig, Jeroen transformed fruits into remarkable still life's. Inspired by the old masters and helped by his mastering of their classical painting styles and techniques, he began to make reproductions of paintings by P.Claesz, J.Vermeer, Caravaggio, and A.Mignon. With the help of historical documentation and the expertise and support of Henk Huig with his knowledge of the "old masters'" way of working, Jeroen channeled his inspiration and developed his own unique style of painting still life's but faithful to the time-tested techniques of the old masters.
He has found his niche and has developed a preference to paint still life's of flowers. The exact reproduction and composition takes enormous concentration. The original drawings and designs take almost as much time as the actual painting itself. He focuses on the finnest details of the picture. Water drops, insects, and leaves in the most incredible detail are transformed into the picture itself. With such attention to detail, created with layer after layer of carefully applied oil colours, Jeroen's still life's come to life, emerging from his hands to the eye of the beholder with an almost photographic realism.