Jeroen Allart

Jeroen Allart
Jeroen Allart is a Dutch painter who was born and raised in Rotterdam. He studied at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam and the Rijksacademie Amsterdam. Jeroen is known for his flat-painted works depicting birds, cowboy portraits and landscapes with a very low horizon. The near-monochrome backgrounds in Dutch landscapes and Cowboys including close-ups of birds in solitude have a painterly feel of cut-outs. In his defiantly flat open-air paintings, there is a doubleness that represent the Dutch countryside. The carefree nondescript look of his paintings or the hedonistic looks of his cowboys and –girls are deceptive. A poignant undertone is apparent. As if the grass, the skies and the birds are in balance but holding their breath.
Jeroen Allart’s latest works remain faithful to his flat painting style. His skilful handling of paint leads to the creation of nearly hyper realistic compositions. When you look at the painting from a distance, they appear to be more like prints or cut–outs rather than paintings, without a single brush stroke to be found. 
A farm stands before you on the horizon. A windmill majestically slices the blue sky. A bird, painted in taut brushstrokes, struts on a branch. These are tranquil images; horizon far in the distance. Jeroen Allart’s paintings are becoming more graphic in his endless search for perfection. More is less. “I struggled with painting for a long time. I revel in it now and I know how to transform my ideas into form and colour.” In his animal portraits, Jeroen Allart leaves out all the unnecessary details, like in his Dutch landscapes, to get to the point of the painting. He adds a certain stillness to the room coupled with the beauty of the landscape. Jeroen Allart’s love for animals remained. Animals are independent of scenery, with animals it’s not just about beauty but also about cuddliness. Some birds touch Jeroen Allart deeply, because of their graphical perfection. Graphics is a constant theme in his work. In animals and landscapes Jeroen Allart finds a certain perfection that attracts him.
The 2015 works where not meant to be a series, nevertheless they could be seen as one. The beach scenes recall snapshots observing people from behind. They are seen from a low view, so that the observer needs to raise his eyes to see the whole. There are no unnecessary details distracting from the compositions.
His work is included in important collections, from Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem, Ministry of foreign affairs to different European and non-European embassies.

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