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Jan Pater

Jan Pater
Jan Pater is a Dutch artist who was born in Heerhugowaard in 1950 in The Netherlands. Jan Pater alternates working in The Netherlands and Italy, where he mostly works at Studio Sem. He grew up in a setting in which stone was just some grit on a path. Seeing a dolmen was his first experience with truly big pieces of stone. The enormous boulders drove his imagination crazy. Jan did no longer see the dolmen, but in fact separate boulders, each with its specific shape and character. He has been finding stones ever since, and he has been really experiencing them, realizing that he was looking back in time. Stone is everlasting, it is unchangeable and stable in its shape. Yet for Jan Pater it symbolizes freedom, the possibility to break through an original, natural shape.Whenever Jan Pater starts working on a sculpture, he starts aimlessly, purely from feeling to expression. Agile and free in interaction with the material. The process is an opportunity to reach to a complete surprise. Without prior draft and without definite plan he works on the material. Jan Pater doesn’t think, he acts and therewith comes closer to himself, he searches for the essential leaving out redundancies, which allows failures. Jan Pater tends to get lost in his sculptures, because everything is possible and amendable. Working with stone is dealing with limitations, which appeals, in the right way, to his need to express himself. As always the result feels very personal, rendering things that are hiding somewhere inside him. Jan Pater works not only in granite, different colours of marble, onyx, gneiss, travertine and wood but he also works with bronze, sometimes Jan Pater feels that a stone sculpture asks to be cast in bronze; a bronze sculpture is equal in shape, but has its own expressiveness.”
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