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Irina Kotova

Irina Kotova

Biography Irina Kotova

Irina Kotova was born on March 8,1979 in Zagorsk–nowadays Sergiev Posad (Moscow region), an ancient and beautiful city – famous for its cultural and architectural heritage.
From early childhood, Irina became fascinated by the great masters’ works, and started to draw. While still in elementary school, she was admitted to the art studio at the Central House of Youth Creativity. Irina’s work was repeatedly showcased at city exhibitions.
In 1994, Irina was admitted to the Abramtsevo Art Industrial College, named after the famous Russian painter V.M.Vasnetsov, in the art ceramics department «Manor Abramtsevo». This is where several internationally renowned masters lived and worked, such as: Vasnetsov, Vrubel, Serov.
In 2001, Irina was admitted to I. Repin St. Petersburg State Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. During this time most of Irina’s artworks are noted and prized by the State Attestation Commission of the Faculty of Painting. Starting from 2003, Irina continues her work in the Theatre Workshop under the direction of E.S.Kochergin, and soon, in 2006 she becomes the winner of the Grant Award of St. Petersburg in the «Theatre Stage Design» nomination. In the same year the Senate of the Academy awards her a gold medal for academic achievements.
For her diploma-thesis, Irina chose Maurice Maeterlink’s opera «Blue Bird», where Irina presented all the decorations of the scenery and costumes for the opera, as well as mockups of the scenery. Her Diploma thesis was awarded top marks by the Faculty of Painting Certification Commission. After her graduation, the young, but already established artist returns to Moscow and continues her independent creative career.
The artworks of Irina are in private collections in France, Germany, USA, Japan, Korea, Russia and Hong Kong.


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