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Hubert de Palm

Hubert de Palm

Hubert de Palm was born in Curaçao in an environment where studying was the motto and his "creative DNA" was not exactly stimulated. In addition, adding that the chance of achieving success as an artist in a small-scale cultural world would be very small, it was only logical to study.
After obtaining his degree in chemical engineer, the urge to take "snapshots" started to play again.
In the beginning only as a simple hobby but soon it started to take on serious forms, it became more and more artistic photography.
In recent years he has started to professionalize his technique.
He followed courses and obtained his degree at the New York Institute of Photography.

Photographs made by him at North Sea Jazz Festival Curacao, of the Mexican top band Maná are used by Maná as marketing and promotional material. Santana also placed photos of Carlos Santana on his website.
He won several competitions in Curaçao;
Winner of the RBC Blue Water Photo Competition 2014
Theme: The beauty of water
Winner of Capture Curaçao Competition 2015 - Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam
Theme: DOORS

One of Hubert's most interesting themes is "water drops". He combines digital technology with light and hydraulics.
With a special twist of technical skill and creativity, natural phenomena turn into unimaginable expressions.
Falling drops of water, "frozen in time", which form surprising images and figures and stimulate the imagination of the viewer.

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